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Serial Trader With 29 Years Of Experience Reveals:

How Beginners Can Safely Invest In The Stock Market, And Predictably Get An Average Of 20% Return Or More Year After Year

...And do it even if you don't have a high capital

PS. Many of our students went from investing with zero knowledge to having the skillsets to generate consistent gains from their investments

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What You'll Learn In This All-In Exclusive Masterclass

📈 The Ultimate Consistent Profit Framework 

See how it's very possible to get an average of 20% returns on your investment through this time-tested investing methodology

📈 4 Step Accelerator Formula

See how anyone can grow their investment quicker, systematically, and safely using our 4 step formula

📈 Secret "Hack" To Invest With Low Capital

Discover how you can accelerate your returns with lesser capital using CFD... and pay only 20-35% of the stock price!





4 Time-Proven Powerful Portfolio-Building Techniques You Will Learn In This Masterclass

Select The Right Stocks

It's no secret that investing is daunting... "What if I buy the wrong company's stocks"? In this masterclass, we'll show you how to spot great companies to invest in without ever feeling stressed out.

Time When To Buy And Sell

Knowing when to buy or sell your stock is crucial when it comes to investing profitably. Learn how Kathlyn identify the best time to buy or sell a stock through her 29 years of experience.

Protect Your Capital

A common mistake that most beginner investors make is that they don't know how to properly allocate their funds. See how experience investors protect their capital and investment so that you don't make any expensive mistakes. 

Multiply Your Returns

Most people think that there's only one way to trade, but that's not true. See how you can multiply your returns using several different ways of investing, and do it even if you have no prior experience.

3 Time-Proven Powerful Portfolio-Building Techniques You Will Learn In This Masterclass

What To Buy

All of the other trader gurus tell you to invest in perceived high-value stocks.
But how do you know if they're right, and what are the right stocks you should invest in?

In the Beyond Insights Masterclass, we'll tell you why all you've learned from other hyped-up traders are risky and wrong.

When To Buy

It's more than just the "buy high, sell low" mantra.

Learn how to buy based on market trends and how you can multiply your returns by setting the correct spot orders.

How To Leverage

Start with little capital and learn the benefits of compounding your wealth into generating multiple returns.

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Hear What Our Students Have To Say 

"I just picked 1 or 2 choices from the watchlist that was given to me and the unrealized profits alone left me amazed!"

"I averaged about 15% returns every month just by following the simple rules!"

"This is a training that's worth investing in for all the beginners!"

"I can really learn step by step as a beginner!"




With over 29 Years of investing experience under her belt, and having trained over 5,000 investors. Kathlyn Toh is widely known to be the best when it comes to investing education. 

Having started her investing career in 1993, Kathlyn had the opportunity to experience multiple market conditions. 

She considered herself fortunate to have experienced the full cycle of the Bull Run, the market crash, after crash recovery, the sideway markets and the high volatility markets which gave her great experience in adjusting her strategy depending on the market conditions. 

After hearing stories and nightmares on how investing ruined many people's lives, Kathlyn took on the mission to educate as many people as she can on how to invest safely and profitably.

Today, she's founded Beyond Insights to impact thousands of lives, helping them to start a safe and profitably investing journey.

Meet Boon Hwa, One of Our Top Students Who Racked Up 60% Gains In His First Year of Investing

Boon Hwa was a beginner trader when he joined the Beyond Insights masterclass.

After learning about different investing strategies, having access to the best stock watchlists, learning the step-by-step formulaic method of creating winning trades, Boon Hwa was able to create a 60% profit margin in his portfolio for his first year of investing.

Joshua B.

Working as a mining engineer in Malaysia, Joshua B. joined the Beyond Insights masterclass to understand how investing works.

Joshua applied the investing strategy that he learned in this class and became profitable in his first month.


The youngest trader in the Beyond Insights masterclass, Minh was only eleven years old when his mom took him to the seminar.
Minh started with $2,000 capital and lost his first three trades.

After realizing that he will never get back the losses by stopping investing, Minh went back to investing and in his first year, he was able to grow his initial capital past 50%.

In Just 3 Hours, You'll Learn How You Get Started in Your Investing Journey Even If You Don't Have Any Investing Experience At All!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this masterclass really free?

Absolutely. We organize these events for 2 reasons: to spread the message, and to recruit new students. There will be actual content shared in the session to show you how you can manage the investment on your own. Near the end of the online seminar, we will briefly touch on the next steps to take if you would like to go further with us in your investment journey. This is optional and you can leave at any time.

Can I attend if I have no prior investing experience?

Definitely. We make each step easy to follow and explain everything in simple terms. We've made Beyond Insights a safe space for total beginners and even advanced traders!

Do I need to start with a lot of capital? 

The minimum capital we advise our students to start with is USD2,500. However, we believe that you can start learning and practicing first before you start investing with your real money, so that when you have the capital to start, you will have the proper skills and mindset.   

When can I start investing after learning from you?

If you don't have prior experience, there will be more you need to learn before you start investing your real money. However, the concepts you learn will be sufficient for you to either explore the details on your own, or join our program where we give you everything you need to know to start investing.